Covid-19 Risk Management for Construction Sites

We monitor closely to numbers of COVID-19 Cases

SkyCity Construction & Engineering Company has partnered with medical experts to develop the Covid-19 Risk Management system, designed to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus on construction sites and other key places of work.

The system uses early identification and consultation to provide safer conditions for the essential workforce.

With construction work currently classified as an essential service globally, making it more important now than ever to keep this essential workforce safe and healthy while being exposed to close and multi-person contact environments.

Covid-19 Risk Management system allows for a holistic and automated approach to the management of potentially infectious cases on sites, from early detection through to immediate medical attention, testing and confidential reporting.

By bridging the gap between day-to-day site operations and professional medical support, the system allows construction sites to maintain higher standards of safety for their workers and mitigate the risk of potential contamination.

Covid-19 Risk Management system
The system enables building contractors to mitigate the risk of viral transmission to their essential workers, and the community, with an end-to-end framework, from early identification through to on-site medical consultation, testing and reporting as required.

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